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Regenerative Gettering Furnace

This unit was designed primarily to reduce the oxygen levels in Nitrogen when it is used in conjunction with a Nitrogen generator. However, it can be used as a standard gettering furncace to deliver Inert Gas or Nitrogen containing oxygen levels in the parts per billion (PPB) range.

Regenerative Gettering Furnace Data Sheet

The unit is a regenerative purifier which operates with two independent purifying furnaces. This eliminates the need to interrupt production to replace an exhausted gettering charge. Instead, since the gettering charge medium is made of a non-consumable material, the exhausted charge can be regenerated.

The system processes gas by running it over the gettering medium which has been heated to a temperature where rapid oxidation occurs. When the gettering medium becomes oxidized, it no longer removes the oxygen from the gas stream. Transfering the gas flow to the other furnace will continue the uninterrupted processing of raw gas. The exhausted furnace can automatically be regenerated, purged, and placed in a stand-by mode.

The Model OGN-80 will purify gas containing 10 PPM to a level of better than 10 -6 PPM when flowing at rates up to 60 SCFH. When the gas contains as much as 2000 PPM, the purity can be expected to improve to better than 2 PPM.

For users not requiring such a low oxygen concentration, or those with gas containing higher concentrations, the regenerating process can be adjusted.

Inert Gases (i.e. Helium, Argon etc,) may also be processed with the Model OGN-80 and although the oxygen levels will not be quite as low as those achieved with a Titanium gettering charge, they can be expected to reach 10 6 or better at flow rates below 60 SCFH.

Oxygen Concentration
Flow Incoming PPM Outgoing PPM
10 -6

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