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The Oxy-Gon 120 Gas Purification Furnace

Gas Purification Furnace
Data Sheet

The Model OG-120 is a desktop size purification furnace designed to supply purified Inert Gases (Argon, Helium, Neon, Xenon and Krypton) for smaller manufacturing production demands or for laboratory needs.

It is a self-contained unit which has been designed and manufactured by OXY-GON to purify inert gases to less than 1 PPB of oxygen or better. In addition to removing oxygen, the OG-120 purifier also removes Nitrogen, Carbon, and Water Vapor.

By installing a special optional cartridge, the oxygen content of Nitrogen can be purged to the PPB range. The unit is designed to allow fast, easy replacement of the cartridge through a convenient front panel access door. Each getter cartridge can supply as much as 180,000 cubic feet of purified gas when used with standard industrial gas containing oxygen as high as 9-10 PPM.

The Model OG-120M is the same purifier with the addition of an Oxygen Monitor included within the self-contained chassis assembly.

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