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Uniaxial Hot Press Furnace Systems, from 5 to 100 Tons

The OXY-GON Hot Press Furnaces are "state of the art" design. They are constructed for ease of operation and will provide years of continuous service.

Hot Press Furnace Data Sheet (PDF)
Hot Press Furnace Data Sheet on Lab Model (PDF)

When your applications call for high pressure and high temperature, Oxy-Gon has the solution you've been looking for. We've combined our industry experience with state of the art technology to manufacture a hot press system that delivers the features you need in a package that's easy to operate, clean, and maintain.

Hot press furnace systems are often used with ceramic/metal matrix and intermetallic composite applications such as:

  • Diffusion Bonding Studies
  • Hot compacting of Oxides, Nitrides, Borides, Carbides, and Sulfides and Mixtures thereof to near theoretical densities
  • Sintering

Our Oxy-Gon Hot Press Furnace is designed to give you years of reliable service with all of the features that make your job easier, like stainless steel construction, easy temperature control, and available recorders and data logging devices. Other features include:

  • Double walled chamber and front door
  • Electropolished components for higher vacuum quality
  • Water cooled power feedthroughs
  • Easy loading and retrieval of die and punch assemblies
  • Multiple available power supplies
  • Programmable process temperature controller
  • And more...
The Solutions You Need

When we manufacture hot press furnaces for laboratory or industry applications, one of our constant goals is to create a hot press furnace that's flexible enough to suit every customer's requirements. However, that isn't always possible. Instead, we've done the next best thing: We've worked to provide a hot press furnace model that suits virtually every application.

Other Hot Press models are available within the following parameters:
  • Force: 25 to 100 Tons
  • Hot Zone Sizes: To accept Die diameters of 1" to 12" and lengths to 12"
  • Heating Elements: Molybdenum, Tungsten Mesh, High Purity Graphite; all with appropriate Heat Shield Insulation
  • Temperature: 500C to 2500C
  • Atmospheres: Gas at 2 PSIG, Rough or High Vacuum, 10 ^-2 Torr to 10^-6 Torr

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Vacuum/Inert Atmosphere Furnaces & Supplies

  • Oxy-Gon Industries manufactures the highest quality vacuum and inert atmosphere (gas) furnaces, furnace elements. Furnaces include: top loading, bottom loading, gas purification, crystal growth, tensile testing, fiber drawing furnaces and much more.

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