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Fiber Draw Furnace Series

The Oxy-Gon Fiber Draw Furnace Series are designed to minimize the generation of particulates and to maximize the production of quality fiber.

Fiber Drawing Furnace Data Sheet

"Model FD-60 Shown"

Special features of these furnaces are:
  • Competitive Pricing.
  • Low generation of particulates.
  • Long heating element life.
  • Superior quality of materials and workmanship.
  • High efficiency resulting in lower power requirement and water use.
  • Optimum Heat Zone component sizes for Preforms from 5 to 30mm in 5mm increments and 30-80mm in 10mm increments.

The furnace is rate for a maximum operating temperature of 2300 Centigrade (4172 Fahrenheit) in an inert gas atmosphere. For low temperature applications, Nitrogen may be used. Mass flow meters/controllers are optional and can be used to manage an Argon/Helium mix system.

Generally, the basic furnace system includes the following components:


  • Furnace Assembly
  • Heat Zone
  • Power Supply
  • Control Console with all necessary Controls and Programmers, etc.
  • Gas Management System
Furnace Assembly

The chamber is a double walled cylinder of 304L stainless steel. Water is circulated between the walls to ensure an external skin temperature of less than 120 Fahrenheit. The power feedthroughs are also water cooled, and are constructed of nickel plated copper. All other flanges are either of 304L stainless steel or nickle plated copper. Aluminum flanges are only used if they do not incorporate a water passage.

Heat Zone

The all-graphite heat zone is unique in that it employs a "sacrificial" tube to protect the heating element from erosion caused by the reaction to Si or Oxygen. This "sac" tube is both easy and relatively inexpensive to replace and will extend the life of the heating element significantly. The heat zone is designed to provide the ideal sized components for preform sizes, in 5mm increments, from 5mm to 30mm for the FD-30, and 10mm increments from 30mm to 60mm for the FD-60, and 10mm increments from 60mm to 80mm for the FD-80.

Power Supply

Power supplies can be provided for any 3-phase service between 200 and 480 volts and 50 or 60 Hertz. The stepdown transformer/rectifier assembly supplies DC power to the heating element via water cooled power cables.

Temperature Control

Temperature control and overtemperature protection are provided by two closed-loop systems which employ IRTC's (infrared thermocouples) and solid state programmer/controllers. Optical pyrometers and/or power transducers are optional.

Gas Management System

The standard system includes manual flowmeters to control the gas entering and exiting the furnace. Mass flowmeters or controllers are available as options. This system is designed to control the gas both before and after it has become "contaminated" by entering the heat and melt zones and ensures that dirty gas does not exit the furnace uncontrolled. This is of particular importance when the furnace is to operate in a "clean" room. Also included in the gas system is the evacuation pump which is used to purge the furnace of air. A smaller, quieter pump is used to maintain the flow of dirty gas to a port on the control console where it may be directed outdoors or to an "in-house" gas scrubbing system.

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