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Industrial Vacuum, Inert Gas, and Gas Purification Furnaces

The founders and employees of OXY-GON INDUSTRIES have a combined history of over 200 years in the vacuum/inert atmosphere furnace industry. The experience of these people covers a wide range of areas from a primary emphasis on cost effective, innovative, high temperature, engineering skills to general research and development areas of furnace manufacturersexpertise.

OXY-GON customers can be found in aerospace, ceramics, communications, computers, electronics, metallurgy, nuclear, fiber optics and research and development.

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Vacuum/Inert Atmosphere Furnaces & Supplies

  • Oxy-Gon Industries manufactures the highest quality vacuum and inert atmosphere (gas) furnaces, furnace elements. Furnaces include: top loading, bottom loading, gas purification, crystal growth, tensile testing, fiber drawing furnaces and much more.

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